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The Integer Group

OGX  |  Hair Care 

Concepted thematic shoot, Art Directed on photoshoot 


OGX Hair came to us looking for new content for their social platforms, PDPs and other consumer facing assets.  They were looking for two separate thematic photoshoots, one for late Summer and one for early Fall. Their target audience was Gen-Z individuals, and they wanted to stick with their bold, vibrant, and fun brand tone.

We shot two different themes.  One, was "Living Loudly and Boldly" where we took bright colors and patterns to create a maximalist, still-life aesthetic.  We incorporated ingredient cues and unique staging objects for a fresh, summer vibe. 

Theme 2 was a trip back to "Y2K".  We incorporated retro accessories and iridescent accents to capture the trend.  

We used this as an excuse to have fun with colorful lighting and dramatic shadows as well.

Overall, the goal here was to bring OGX into the modern fold with on-trend assets and fun, eye-catching thematics.  


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