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Work with Agency FIFTY3

Corporate Branding  |  Westlake, CA

Brand, Conference Design

Whitman Peterson is a property management company that was looking for a brand refresh.  With the partnership between the two in mind, they wanted an updated logo that would play into a "reaching the summit" mindset for their business.  The icon in the logo is inspired by summit markers places on top of mountains, and then emblem secondary logo matches the shape of these as well.  Inspired by this direction, the rest of the brand followed this aesthetic.  The topographic brand pattern, the adventurous photography, and the nature inspired color palette all plays into this idea.  

The brand was completed just in time for their 10th anniversary summit conference.  We created their company presentation, promo items, schedule cards - even a bingo game.  These designs not only made a huge impact company wide, but served as a great way to announce their shiny new brand. 



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