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Freelance Client

The Aviary  |  Design House + Plant Shop  |  Denver, CO

Parent + Sub Brand, Print

The Aviary describes themselves as "an illuminated design house" and "an evolving experiment in light and color".  Beginning as a beautifully curated Air BnB, The Aviary was born in a gorgeous historic home in Denver's 5 points neighborhood.  Each room was painted in bright colors with colorful aesthetic lighting to match - experimenting in how color can evoke certain emotions.  

The logo for The Aviary incorporates a few elements that tie back to these important aspects of the brand.  First, the flying bird is included because of the name.  Then, the eye in the center is brought in because of the visual art form in the house.  The rays coming from the eye represent the shining lights that create the artistic atmosphere.  The geometric fixture on top is pulled from an art piece in the house.  Lastly, these all come together with neon colors and hazy gradient work to give the impression of the shining colorful light that is the cornerstone of the brand.


When the owners of The Aviary came to me for their brand, they were preparing to embark on an exciting new venture of opening a plant shop.  Through COVID, they had found success selling unique house plants online, and were ready to turn that into an actual retail space.  We wanted to create a brand for Parlor that was as unique and curated as the plants it would house, while keeping consistency with the parent brand.  The icon for Parlor incorporates similar elements from The Aviary with its geometric line-work and abstract imagery.  Once the brand was completed, we moved to store opening announcements, custom illussignage, business cards - the whole shebang!  



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